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Training Requirements of the Best Bodyguard and His Roles

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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A bodyguard is a professionally trained individual who ensures that a client is safe from any kind of bodily harm. Celebrities and high profile people such as politicians are the ones who require bodyguard service. The best bodyguard should essentially follow a client everywhere in order to identify and neutralize any potential sources of danger. A bodyguard can be hired from a bodyguard directory as well as several other places such as private security firms. A visit to will lead you to a list of many bodyguard directories.


A local bodyguard for the Gambian President running alongside the presidential motorcade

In the event of danger, a local bodyguard should make it a priority to protect the client. Any other objective should be secondary. To find a local bodyguard you can search for one at Despite many people picturing a bodyguard as a bulky and well-built person, bodyguards are usually ordinary looking people that are in top physical form. When you are looking for a bodyguard service, you should ensure that the provided bodyguard is able to perform his duties without failure. Some of the duties of a local bodyguard are highlighted at

In as far as training is concerned; the best bodyguard should possess a lot of specialized training as highlighted in A local bodyguard should possess certain skills just like any others. One of the skills required in the best bodyguard is physical fitness. Apart from that, a bodyguard from any bodyguard directory should be psychologically fit to properly serve the client. To identify a threat to a person’s security, the best bodyguard can contract the services of in order to ensure safety of a client. A bodyguard should also be trained in evasive driving and CPR among other skills. A bodyguard must be trained in several defensive techniques and he should be able to disarm people that threaten a client’s security.

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