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Spy / Security Gear

For Consumers, Investigators, Security Professionals & Law Enforcement

Body Worn Surveillance Kits Consumers use spy gear for a variety of purposes. The most common use is to answer questions of fidelity regarding their mate. Statistics show that 85% of women who suspect that their spouse is cheating on them are correct. That number is 50% for men. More men must be the jealous type or perhaps it is just that women are more intuitive.

BugTrackerPro - All-In-One Portable Detection DeviceThere are many products consumers use to help answer those questions without hiring an Investigator. A covert voice or digital video recorder (DVR) can be used to record conversations on their home phone, in rooms or to covertly record video in their home. They can be disguised as a clock radio, calculator, smoke detector, air purifier or other such item. GPS Tracking Devices  or live tracking systems can track a vehicle's movements either live or after-the-fact. This data can later be compared to statements made in response to questions like “Where were you?” or “What were you doing?” to determine truthfulness.

WorldTRAK - Real-Time GPS Tracking DeviceOther items consumers use on a regular basis are Nanny Cams to check on a childcare worker, Semen Test Kits, which can identify invisible traces of semen, Spy Software which can log chat room sessions or to view emails and Investigative Reports which can be used to compare how truthful someone is or has been and Personal Protection Items (Please see legal disclaimer at bottom of page). Click on the links below to view additional items available.

Night Vision Goggles Private Investigators use spy gear to assist them in conducting investigations. The advancement of electronics has been so extensive that investigators who have not updated their equipment are operating in the dark ages, at a real disadvantage. Body Surveillance Kits are now made so small and compact that they are pretty much “expected” by consumers when shopping for an investigator. Compact DVR'sSpy SoftwareNight Vision  and other electronic devices make an investigator's job easy when compared to just a few years ago. If you are a licensed professional, do yourself a favor and at least check out all the new items available for investigators.

Digital video Surveillance Systems Security Professionals generally use video surveillance systems to protect the assets of their clients. Both covert and regular complete systems are available to assist these professionals in their day-to-day operations. GPS Systems are becoming a must for Security Guard Agencies to maintain control and supervision of their staff. They are also used to keep track of their own as well as a client's fleet of vehicles.

Bug Detection Kits Law Enforcement agencies regularly use all of the above listed items while conducting criminal investigations. There areFor Law Enforcement Use Onlyproducts such as Tasers, Wiretapping Kits, Crime Scene Kits and other similar items that are available for these specialized law enforcement applications.

Notice: : Laws regulating the use of some of these products vary from state to state, so check with a professional or law enforcement agency BEFORE you use such a device to make sure you are not violating the law. It is up to you, the end user, not the retailer, to make sure that you are not using a lawful device for an unlawful purpose. Buying a gun is lawful; shooting someone other than in self-defense is not.

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