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Investigative Software

for Consumers, Professionals and Businesses

Investigators, consumers and businesses regularly use investigative software for a variety of purposes. The advancement in this type of software has been rapid and expansive. There are products on the market that can now monitor just about every aspect of a computer and record all of its actions.

Private Investigators have several products to choose from that can access public databases to assist them with investigations. Some of the more popular products like Net Detective and Urgent Detective are products that connect to a network and easily navigate through the maze of public databases, which are now available on the Internet.

Although most of those products access databases that are accessible without the software, they charge low enough fees that many investigators use them as an investigative tool. This saves time locating, bookmarking and navigating through the various systems and of course, time is money. Click on the links below to find out more information on the various types of software available.

Consumers can also purchase the products mentioned above along with software geared for individual users. There are products that once installed on your home computer; they run in complete stealth, unknown to anyone using that computer. Some products like Email Spy will record all emails sent or received. Others like Spy Agent can record all chat room or instant messenger conversations.

Many consumers use these products to monitor how their children are using the computer and what sites they are visiting. Keystroke loggers like Keystroke Spy do exactly what they sound like they might do. They log every single keystroke typed in or clicked on by the mouse. They will record every program or file that was accessed and show you which user accessed what and when. The information can be viewed live or at a later date. Some allow you to remotely access the results with any Internet connection so that you can monitor your computer even while you are at work or out of town.

Businesses have found that they need to monitor their networks with much more scrutiny than ever before. Trade secrets and proprietary information stored on servers is vulnerable to hackers and unauthorized users. Once someone has gained access to a network either authorized or unauthorized, with a little knowledge they can gain access to all of the information available through the network. This includes restricted or password protected files and programs.

Some of the network products like NetVizor can alert you when a particular file or group of files are accessed and record by whom, from where and for how long. Others like Privacy Agent will clean your hard drive removing any and all traces of files. There are computer forensic programs available that can assist in restoring or reconstructing damaged, lost or deleted files. Click on the links below to find out more information on the various types of software available.

Notice: Laws regulating the use of some of these products vary from state to state. Check with a professional or law enforcement agency BEFORE you use such a product to make sure you are not violating the law. It is up to you, the end user, not the retailer, to make sure that you are not using a lawful product for an unlawful purpose. Buying a gun is lawful; shooting someone other than in self-defense is not.

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