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Savvy Tips In Choosing The Best Bodyguard Service

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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A bodyguard service is not new to many. It is a familiar line of business which many retired security officers or former senior secret service agents venture into. If you are considering using these services, you have a choice between choosing a local bodyguard or a professional best bodyguard service.  will get you more insights on the same.

This bodyguard service may cost a fortune and that gives you an indication on why only a particular class of people who can afford. People who use the best bodyguard services are celebrities, politicians, and prominent business people. Anyone who has a need for the same can also get the service. Here you will find more tips. A good example is where the White house was considering on having alien robotic bodyguards to shield president Obama in March 2013 but the cost was too high.

You may decide to search these service providers from a bodyguard directory or go manual where you have to check through newspapers or ask around. You should be able to select the best bodyguard who will prioritize the safety of your life at all times. The best bodyguard service provider’s checklist is as below.

  • Employees should have verifiable credentials and security certifications which you should make a point of certifying their genuinely. More about their licensing can be found on
  • Ask for their client list which you should make a point of finding out about their experiences.
  • Length they have been in business, their experience and perspectives are key players.
  •  It should be well known on bodyguard directory to offer best services and guarantees client’s well-being.
  • Watch out for pricing; if very inexpensive, the professional job may be compromised.
  • Well trained on how to handle firearms and other tactics.
  • Some bodyguard service offers additional services such as CCTV, go for what you prefer.

Hallmark features of tact, discretion, professionalism and reliability should be adhered to currently, so much has changed in the way bodyguards; both local bodyguards and professionals offer their service.  Current technologies rage from robots to wireless detection tactics. Here is a story on how the president’s bodyguards go through with some challenges.

Illustration of President Obama’s secret bodyguard service checking safety of the area is as below;


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