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More About Process Servers

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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A process is where a lawsuit is generally started and the court passes its jurisdiction across the parties. Currently and in many countries especially the USA, it is usually a summons. A summons tells the defendant that the plaintiff has a strong feeling of a jurisdiction being used against him. More about summons in the government court can be found here If one gets summons from a local court, a local process server can be used to deliver the process.

The best process server is usually assigned by the court or chosen by the parties from the preferred provider from the process server directory or a local process server. has more details.

A given summon delivered by the best process server must contain the following:

  • The court name and the parties names
  • Addressed or directed to the defendant
  • Have the name of the plaintiff’s attorney even if not present
  • The schedule of which the defendant must appear in court should be provided.
  • Have a seal from the court and signed by the court clerk
  • Indicate that failure to appear for the summons will cause a judgment by the plaintiff from demand. More about this summon rules can be found here Supreme Court of the United States.

A local process server or the best process server either professional or otherwise must serve the summons legal papers within the geographical reach of the jurisdiction or by that authorized by the court.

There are the long arm statutes in the USA that allow the court to authorize the people not in a different state. This allows the defendant to be served legal papers outside the States. This could be through postal mail, email of fax. gives more about the statute of limitations where the time of the delivery of the summons by the best process server is strictly according to the court.

Everyone has a right to a process server and the online process server directory has a list of best process servers. Generally the best process server is more productive than the Sherriff. A process server directory can also be listed by

A local process server filling in a summons (Notice to appear) to be delivered to the defendant is as below:


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