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How to Become the Best Bodyguard

Posted on September 11, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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There is an increasing need for bodyguard service and many people often think about how to get into this lucrative industry. To become the best bodyguard a person does not have to adhere to the daily 9 to 5 workweek. The person should also have a passion for self-defense and physical fitness. According to, there are many people who know that becoming a local bodyguard is risky but they still go ahead with it.


Members of Iraqi PM Bodyguard service armed to the tooth


Although many of the people listed in a bodyguard directory are thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, they are also uniquely qualified in their jobs. As highlighted at, bodyguards need to be trained in order to ensure the security of a high profile client. The best bodyguard should be educated and a high school diploma is often required. Others in a bodyguard directory may have university degrees. Working as a bodyguard is all about being a quick thinker on your feet. A local bodyguard should be able to detect any threats and neutralize them in time.

According to a person needs to possess certain skills such as armed and unarmed combat, vulnerability assessment, and in-transit security to be the best bodyguard. Any person with a military background is an ideal candidate for bodyguard service because he has already undergone almost all training that a bodyguard requires.

There are many bodyguard training schools available in different parts of the country. According to, several schools have training courses for bodyguards. If you are in need of information regarding the best bodyguard service you should visit The ideal background of a personal bodyguard should be military. People who have worked in law enforcement and government security intelligence are also good candidates for bodyguard service. If you are looking for a bodyguard for an event, it is important to hire a local bodyguard who knows the locality inside and out.

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