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Legal Forms

Legal Forms For Consumers, Investigators, Businesses and Attorneys

Personal Planning PackageConsumers actually have more of a need for Legal Forms than they might think. Unfortunately, all too often they do not realize this until after an event has occurred which brings that point to light.  Many times the forms should have been completed and secured long before the event occurred. This resource page contains invaluable information regarding Legal Issues and how to prepare and protect you and your loved ones for the unexpected twists & turns of life.

Landlord Tenant Package Every Form offered here has been prepared by an attorney and are state-specific. They are available for immediate download online or a paper copy is available by mail. Included with each consumer form are detailed instructions for completing and submitting (when applicable) each form. They are over 36,000 forms to choose from for just about every legal issue imaginable.

There is also a Legal Resource Section to assist consumers in understanding legal terms, laws and procedures. There are specific Personal Planning Packages that are available, which help you get your affairs in order and there is a Free Guide to Creating a Life Documents File.

More Information About Business Coporation PackageInvestigators often use Legal Forms in their normal course of business. Most investigators have their clients enter into a Services Agreement to specify services to be provided and fees agreed to. There are Employee Agreements, Independent Contractor Forms, Pre-Employment Release Forms and Confidentiality Agreements, which are all used regularly. Depending on the Investigator's specialty, there are other forms that are frequently used. Medical, School or Employment Records Releases, Auto Accident Claims Release and General Liability Release forms are a few examples.

Businesses can find forms for all their legal needs. Many are available in packages, which makes it easy to select the necessary forms. The Business Incorporation Package includes everything necessary to form a new corporation. The state-specific Employment Hiring Process Package provides everything needed for new hires. Other forms such as Buy Sell Agreements, Contractor Forms, Contracts, Leases and Mechanics Lien Forms are available individually. An annual subscription is also available to small businesses, which provides unlimited access to 1,000's of business related forms.

Wills PackageAttorneys have several options available to them. They can order forms individually, by packages or by annual subscription. The subscription offers unlimited access to a state-specific database of 1,000's of Legal Forms that they can select from and use whenever needed. Considering the amount of billing hours saved, all attorneys should use such a service for all their Legal Form needs.

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