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Find A Bodyguard Service Of Your Choice From The Bodyguard Directory

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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A bodyguard directory is a database which can be both online or a physical page contains people or companies who offer bodyguard service .A bodyguard directory is vital both to people looking for such services. It has the best bodyguard service location, contacts, business profiles, names and security agents offering the service.  Both local bodyguards and professional ones try to ensure they get listed in this directory at all times for easy visibility of current and potential clients. Click  and ask for the best bodyguard service.

Let’s look at online bodyguard directories which can be a list business or persons who offer this service. Some are free but others require the business to pay a small membership fee in order to be listed in the directory and become a member. This is a way of advertising since people who need such services are accustomed to the internet use.

There two types of bodyguard directories

  • Those which contain the individual bodyguard full information; personality, qualifications and uploaded photo that is fully transparent to their clients. These kind acts like a tool when selecting a professional than a local bodyguard as it dwells more on individuals and qualifications.


  • A bodyguard directory containing information of business which offers this line service where you will only access company information what packages the offer.  Basically are more focused on the whole company but not individualism. This is not usable when finding a local bodyguard.

More on how to use an online dictionary is here

One of the famous best bodyguard directories and training center is the ASI which requires submission of all background information. This includes biography, professional background, what trainings undergone and an uploaded personal photo.  Then you will are asked to give them a few day to work on your approval.  Upon being guaranteed, one is required to pay membership fee of which to remain, one is required to renew. provides more information about security including the bodyguard service offered to the citizens and specific individuals. In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated hence the secret service ensured that according to the law, the president, vice and individuals next to the president are protected. For more details, click here .

Illustration of the bodyguard service at work while guarding president Obama in 2010 is as below:





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