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Emerging Trends in the Bodyguard Service

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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The job of a bodyguard has existed for centuries and many people go through a lot of trouble to find a bodyguard service that is good for them. Many bodyguards have previous military or police training and some of them are still in active duty. The best bodyguard should ideally be trained in a professional training school. You can hire a local bodyguard from different places and sometimes a bodyguard is provided by the state. According to many important people are provided with bodyguard service at the expense of the government.


Conspicuous bodyguard service of Turkish prime minister

According to, wealthy women are beginning to shatter peoples’ images of a bodyguard. They are hitting every bodyguard directory to find women bodyguards to be in charge of their protection. According to them, a local bodyguard cannot easily follow them around without being recognized, especially if he is a man. The best bodyguard according to wealthy Chinese women is a woman. This is because a woman can hide in plain sight and is not nearly as conspicuous as a man.

As mentioned in, the emerging class of millionaires in China has made demand for bodyguard service to skyrocket. Almost every millionaire has visited a bodyguard directory in order to find a local bodyguard to keep him and his wealth safe. You can find help about bodyguard-related topics at

The job of a bodyguard can be quite lucrative depending on the person who needs personal security. More people are joining the profession with hopes of protecting an important personality. The best bodyguard needs training in order to be prepared for modern threats. The kind of training required is elaborated in In order to choose the right bodyguard service a person should find out the qualifications of each of the bodyguards. This helps a lot in determining whether they can really keep the client safe.

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