Rate Chart For Banner, Display & Text Link Ads


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No contracts, pay monthly or save 20% by paying annually.o:p>


No set-up or insertion fees, may be canceled at any time.


No premiums for any of the pages on our site.


Placement is on an “as available” basis.


All Banner & Display Ads must be a .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .gif file type.


The Text Link Ads are typed in & linked to your website.



Banner Ad – 460 X 68 pixels

Placement: Center section above Main Text Heading, one per page.

Cost: $100 Per Month


Display Ad – 180 X 180 pixels

Placement: Left or Right hand margins, several per page.

Cost: $ 50 Per Month


Text Link Ad – Up to 30 Characters

Placement: Center Section just below Banner Ad, 3 per page.

Cost: $ 30 Per Month



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