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About Process Servers

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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A process server just like the name suggests, handles delivery of legal papers in lawsuits. The best process server could be a local process server, professional, a professional or a government official. In some cases, a deputy sheriff, constable or marshal could take off the task as the process server. has more on the tasks of process servers.


It is the duty of a jurisdiction to decide which process server to serve in the court. Some states allow any person not on any side of the case and above 18 years of age to offer services. Some jurisdictions allow for someone who serves for more than a given number of summons must be certified to get them be the best process server. The court doesn’t dismiss cases presented by unlicensed or a local process server.

As long as the law is not broken in any way, process servers are allowed to serve papers to defendants in any means possible. One can approach the defendant and submit papers as he wishes as long as the law is upheld. The defendant cannot refuse to receive the papers submitted by the process server. Some cases come out where the defendant either refuses to take the papers and the server forces them on him/her by dropping at the door of leaving on the car. The license information and educational materials are found for those endeavoring to be the best process servers.

The services offered by professional process servers are more reliable than those of the Sherriff and the local process server. The best process server ensures to provide the following services;

  • Confirms and identifies if the document must be served according to the treaty.  A good example is the Hague Service Convention, inter- American convention and the Hague Evidence convention.
  • Gives you savvy advice on the local law requirements that affect service and prohibits against certain service methods.

A process server directory is easy to find nowadays. All you have to do is go online and get one. can help you get that perfect process server. The other process server directory is here

Illustration of the best process server hanging in documents to the defendant is as below.

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