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3 Myths about the World’s Finest Private Investigator

Posted on October 13, 2013 by Gweedo under Articles
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The world’s greatest fictional detective, the Baker Street phenomena and the White Knight of London, Sherlock Holmes has definitely dominated the criminal realms and built quite a following for himself in the process. However, the original Sherlock Holmes portrayed by the Arthur Sir Conan Doyle in his books and stories isn’t all the same of what we see or believe.

Below are the 3 Myths about the World’s Finest Private Investigator.


Hiding Information:

Sherlock Holmes always stays ahead of the Police in both movies and books, that’s unarguable but how he does that has some questions lurking to our minds. In recent T.V shows and movies, Sherlock Holmes seems to hide a lot from the Police in order to maintain a considerable lead from them. This feature is exactly opposite of what we read in Sir Conan’s stories such as The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge where he guides the lost Police with his skills of deduction.

Trust on Dr. Watson

It’s true that Sherlock Holmes trusts Dr. Watson as his companion and biographer. He had also been seen relying on his medical skills during times of trouble.  But does trust him wholly with his game of deduction? Well, not truly. Sherlock Holmes as depicted in the books is more of an one man show and finds it difficult to even trust Dr. Watson with his trades of the game.

Unconventional Behaviors

There is no doubt in Sherlock Holmes’s unconventional approach to solve his cases but what puzzles us is his portrayal in a movie where he is depicted in eccentric clothing with a lack of taste in dressing. This upsets a lot of reading fans of the world’s finest Private Investigator. Why? Because in books Sherlock Holmes is showcased as a man dressed in traditional clothes and having a craving for cleanliness.

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